Морские круизы

Kyrenia Boat Tours

Fishing, Diving, Sightseeing

Capacity up to 10 people
Individual boat trips:
4 hours (morning 10.00-14.00 and evening 15.00-19.00),
Fishing (morning 6.00-10.00)

A tour on board of a 10 meters wooden yacht is a sheer joy for those who are tired if crowds of tourists and want to share the tour with no one but friends and family members. We offer an unforgettable time in the sea with swimming in the cleanest offshore waters, sunbathing, fishing, enjoying the beautiful coastline of Kyrenia region.

To book a tour please call: +9 0533 870 79 15

or e-mail: attilaships@gmail.com

Andrey Dolganov


По вопросам организации морских путешествий обращайтесь по телефону на Северном Кипре:

+9 0533 870 79 15

Андрей Долганов


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